Everything to Know About the Disposable Vape Pen

Everything to Know About the Disposable Vape Pen

Many people have shifted to disposable vaping pen from cigarette smoking. Also, many people are trying out gas gang vaping daily.

There are several reasons for such booming demand of vaping, and it is a large range of choices that it offers to everybody. However, when there is so much to select from, where to start with?

If you’re lost about what you need to do for the perfect vaping experience, then disposable vapes are the best thing to do! Though not being very complicated for the newbie, this gives you same level of pleasure and satisfaction as other vaping item.

Let us check out complete details of disposable vapes so you will know what you can expect from this device.

What’s Disposable Vape?

A disposable vape pen is single-use electronic cigarette that does not need any maintenance or set up. Structure of the disposable vape is very simple. The disposable vape is composed of the integrated atomizer (this includes cartridge, mouthpiece, coil and vape juice), LED light indicator and battery. There’re pen style, crayon like, balm shape, and beer bottle shape e-cigarettes, and they’re pre-filled with the vape juice as well as come with the full-charged battery.

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Check Out Different Parts of Disposable Pen

Before you use disposable vape pen, you must know about its various components. Given is the list of various parts all along with the functionalities.

  • E-liquid: As e-juice can’t be replaced from device, it’s installed in the inner body, which includes various chemicals and flavor. It uses CBD, THC and oils, being two popular types.
  • Coil: Heating component of pen produces vapor from liquid and comes in different kinds of materials.
  • Atomizer: It’s a container of e-liquid and acts as heating utensil, which heats up liquid inside from warmth of coil.
  • Mouthpiece: Like traditional cigarette, it is an important part to inhale vapors.
  • LED Light: Most devices also come with LED light installed that indicates if your pen has turned on and out of battery.
  • Battery: It depends on disposable pen; power of the battery will range from 400 to 700 mAh. It will last you for 400 to 700 puffs or more in ones having big-sized batteries.