YMCA Membership Program Surveys

We are interested in the opinions of our members as to how we are doing in our programs.

The surveys are on-line and short with only about 20 questions, asking about your experiences at the Y.

Any members can complete the survey by going to the website address. There will be no password or identifying information requested. The survey takes less than 5 minutes.

How was your Y Fitness Class today? http://ymcafitclass.sqm.ca
How was your visit to the Y Fitness Centre today? http://ymcafitcentre.sqm.ca
How was your Y aquafit class today? http://ymcaaquafit.sqm.ca
How was your child’s swim lesson today? http://ymcaswimclass.sqm.ca
How was your child’s Y program today? http://ymcakids.sqm.ca
Welcome to the Y. How has your experience been? http://ymcanewmember.sqm.ca

We will share the results with you in early summer and we will be surveying again in the fall.Many thanks for your help in making your YMCA better.

Mimi Price
Chief Executive Officer