Choosing Dancers Royale bottle menu

When it comes to catering events, you have many different options on how to choose your beverages. One way is by using a bottle menu that includes the best liquor, beer and wine for the event. In this article, we will explore how a bottle menu works, what information can be found on one, and the benefits of choosing this option. So read on to learn more about choosing your beverage menu.

A bottle menu is a selection of drinks tailored to an event. They typically include the best liquor, beer and wine for various occasions. When you choose a bottle menu, you select the beverages that will be served at your event. This can help save time and money and provide a higher level of service with less staff needed to serve wine, beer or liquor. The benefit of this is that if something is not on the menu for your event, it would require more people to be brought in to serve their specific beverage just for a few hours.

What information should be on a drink menu?

The information on a drink menu can vary depending on the event. For example, if you were hosting a wedding and wanted to offer wine for your guests, the bottle menu would likely include information about which wines are available and how much is in each bottle. If you were hosting a corporate event that included more than one type of alcohol, the bottle menu would likely have information about every kind of alcohol and how much is in each container.

When choosing a drink menu for an event, consider what you want to know about your guests when collecting payment at the end of the night. Do you want to know what they have consumed? Do you want to know what they have left? What type of beverages did they purchase? All these questions will help you create your customized drink menu.

Benefits of choosing a bottle menu

The first benefit of choosing a bottle menu is cost. You decide to pour from the chosen bottles and pay for them when you select a bottle menu. This can save you a lot of money in the long run. The second benefit that comes with choosing a bottle menu is brand recognition. If your guests are not familiar with the selected drinks, they will be more likely to remember your selections and purchase from your event again in the future.


At Dancers Royale bottle menu, a bottle menu is the best way to design your own drink menu. Not only does it help you decide what to offer your customers, but it also presents the drinks in a visually attractive way. Here are some tips for how to create your own bottle menu.