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Swim Lesson Info 2016-2017

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  • Admission Standards

    For increased safety in our aquatic facilities, all swimmers 6 – 12 years of age who wish to swim in the pool must complete a brief swim test prior to being admitted to the pool. Upon successful completion, the child will be given a GREEN wrist band allowing them to swim unaccompanied and in deep water. Those who decide not to do the swim test and those who are unsuccessful in completing the swim test may participate in shallow water accompanied by a parent/guardian who is at least 13 years of age.

    Stop lightRED Wrist Band – Children 0 – 5 years of age
    • Must be accompanied in shallow water by a parent/caregiver who is at least 13 years of age who remains within arm’s reach.
    • Ratio of children to parent/guardian 2:1

    YELLOW Wrist Band – Children 6 – 12 years of age
    • Children who do not successfully complete the swim test must swim with a parent/guardian 13 years or older in the pool that remains within arm’s reach in shallow water.
    • Ratio of children to parent/guardian 4:1

    GREEN Wrist Band – Children 6 – 12 years of age
    • Children who complete the swim test may access the pool unaccompanied and swim in deep water
    • Parent/guardians must remain in the pool area for all children under the age of 10

    Swim Test Standard
    To successfully pass the facility swim test, individuals 12 and under must:
    •Jump into deep water and surface,
    •Tread water for 1 minute without making contact with the edge of the pool or pool bottom,
    •Swim 2 Widths (16m) using any arm and leg action, putting face in the water and showing the ability to breathe while swimming.

  • Aquatic Programs

    LENGTHS | Increase your fitness while swimming in the pool. Lanes are designated by Leisure Swim, Slow, Medium, and Fast speeds. Continuous swimming in the lanes is encouraged.

    WATER FITNESS | These water based fitness classes are designed as a medium intensity total body workout, providing a balance of cardiovascular and muscular strength components. These classes will meet the needs of a wide spectrum of fitness levels, and is suitable for novice and advanced participants alike.

    EASY PACE | This class is a leisurely paced aquatic class focusing on proper body alignment and uses the water as resistance for cardiovascular and muscular endurance training.

    OPEN SWIM | Recreational swim is for all ages. Parents/guardians should be prepared to swim with children (in water, within arms reach) according to the facilities admission standards.

    SELF DIRECTED FITNESS | For participants 16 years+. The pool is set up with two lanes for lap swimming and they are designated with Slow and Fast speed markers. The other half of the pool is open for participants who wish to do water exercise.

  • Swimming Lessons

    The aquatic programs of the YMCA are about more than just techniques and skills; they are about building friendships, developing self-esteem and creating positive experiences that will last a lifetime.
    • Any swimmers with a serious medical condition should inform YMCA staff upon registration.
    • YMCA lessons are only for members, and the participant will need a current membership at the time of registration.
    • Memberships include registration in one lesson per session.
    • Due to our child protection policies, photos are not permitted during lessons. If you would like to take a photo of your child swimming, please speak with the instructor to arrange a time.
    • Photographic equipment of any kind is not permitted in any of our change rooms.
    • In the event of a pool fouling, the Ontario Health Regulations require pool closure.
    • We do not offer make up lessons.

    We assume that once 3 consecutive lessons have been missed, the swimmer is no longer interested in attending. To keep your spot you must notify us before the absence.

    Progress Cards | Lesson progress cards are now available online! Swimmers who successfully complete their swim level can pick up their sticker or badge from their instructor. To access progress cards, use the link on our website or visit: Enter your child’s barcode, found on their membership card and click “View Reports” to access their online progress card.

    Private Lessons | Is your child stuck on a certain stroke, or needs help getting comfortable in the water? Are you looking for one-on-one instruction? Are you looking to enhance your own strokes or confidence in the pool? Private lessons are the way to go! This is a great way to improve self-esteem and confidence in the water for swimmers of any age. Private lessons are half hour in length and have a per class cost of $20 (Members) and $25 (Non-Members). Please contact Colton Maracle, Aquatic Supervisor, for more information.

    YMCA Splasher/Bubbler Program | Ages: 4 months – 3 year | A program designed for parents/caregivers and children to become comfortable in the water together. Learn basic swim and safety skills in a fun and safe environment! Instruction includes comfort in the water, splashing with arms and legs, pool orientation, songs and free time for questions and play.

    YMCA Lil’ Dipper Program | Ages: 3 – 5 years

    BobberThis beginner level focuses on safety, entering and exiting the pool, progressions for submersion, short swims, assisted floats and propulsion.

    FloaterAt this level, children learn deep water awareness, pool rules, how to wear a personal floatation device (PFD), assisted jumps into the water, submersions, blowing bubbles and retrieving sinking objects.

    GliderThis intermediate level introduces deep water activities including front and back swims to a distance of 5m.

    DiverIn this intermediate level, children continue to develop deep water skills, work on arm action and increase front and back swim distances to 10m.

    SurferThis level explores diving, surface support, creative pool entries and extends swim distances to 15m – 25m.

    DipperIn this level, children are introduced to front and back crawl. Children will also explore deep water activities and skills.

    YMCA Learn to Swim Program | Ages: 6 – 12 years

    OtterThis beginner level focuses on safety, entering and exiting the pool, progression for submersion and short distance swim of 5m, assisted floats and propulsion.

    SealThis beginner level introduces deep water jumping, breath control and surface support. Participants continue to develop floats, glides and distance swim of 10m.

    DolphinBuilding on what was learned in Seal; the child spends more time in deep water. Endurance is increased to distances of 15m for front and back swims. Front crawl is introduced.

    SwimmerIn this level participants progress to treading water for 60 seconds, front crawl for 25m distance and are introduced to resuscitation.

    YMCA Star Program | Ages: 6 – 12 years

    Star 1Continuing on from Swimmer level the participant will work on developing their front crawl to the intermediate standard and back crawl to initial standard. Endurance will be developed as the participant works toward completing a 75m swim.

    Star 2Participants continue to develop front and back crawl as well as elementary backstroke. Front crawl and back crawl starts are learned in this level as is headfirst sculling. Breaststroke is introduced.

    Star 3Building endurance and perfecting strokes. Participants are required to complete a 300m endurance swim. Front crawl and back crawl are at advanced standard while elementary backstroke is at intermediate standard and breaststroke is at initial standard. Foot first sculling and back crawl turn are learned.

    Star 4Participants learn about drowning prevention, develop higher level rescue skills and build further endurance.

    YMCA Star Leadership Program | Ages: 8 – 14 years

    Star 5While working on increasing endurance, participants are introduced to sidestroke. Other strokes are being developed as well. The breaststroke start and turn as well as the front crawl turn are introduced at this time. Surface dives and synchro skills are at the heart of this level. Endurance is now a 500m swim.

    Star 6Advanced synchro skills and some water polo skills are learned at this level. As well some unique swim strokes are introduced like waltz crawl, inverted breaststroke and double over arm backstroke. Participants continue to develop their endurance with a 600m swim.
    Star 7This program develops lifesaving and fitness skills, including rescuing a submerged victim, carrying an unconscious victim and basic first aid situations. Swimmers are introduced to strategies for teaching swimming skills. This level is perfect for a future lifeguard/swim instructor!

    YMCA Adult Lessons | Ages: 16 + | These lessons are designed to help adults learn basic swimming techniques, feel more comfortable in the water and develop safe swimming habits. Whether you are looking to upgrade your skills, or are a first time swimmer, we can help you reach your swimming goals.

  • Leadership

    Lifesaving Fitness

    Lifesaving Fitness teaches the importance of physical fitness in lifesaving. The program is designed for participants 10 years + who learn how to measure, monitor, and maintain personal physical fitness for lifesaving emergencies.

    Bronze Star

    Bronze Star is the first step to becoming a lifesaver. Bronze Star provides training for physical fitness as well as problem solving, and decision making skills both as an individual and in partners. Candidates learn CRP and develop the lifesaving skills needed to be their own lifeguard. Including a 400m swim. Bronze star is excellent preparation for Bronze Medallion.

    Bronze Medallion & Emergency First Aid

    The Lifesaving Society’s Bronze Medallion Award teaches an understanding of the lifesaving principles embodied in the four components of water rescue education – judgment, knowledge, skills, and fitness. Rescuers learn tows and carries, and defenses and release methods in preparation for rescues of conscious and unconscious victims. Lifesavers develop stroke efficiency and endurance in a timed swim.

    Bronze Cross & Standard First Aid with CPR-C

    Bronze Cross is designed for lifesavers who want the challenge of more advanced training including an introduction to safe supervision in aquatics facilities. Bronze Cross is a prerequisite for all advanced training programs including National Lifeguard and Instructor certification.

    Standard First Aid with CPR-C and AED skills

    Standard First Aid provides comprehensive training covering all aspects of first aid and CPR. Standard First Aid incorporates all of Emergency First Aid and is designed for those who require a more in-depth understanding of first aid including: legal implications of first aid treatment, spinal injuries, heat or cold injuries, bone and joint injuries, chest injuries, and medical emergencies. Includes CPR-C certification. The First aid program is not restricted to Aquatic candidates.

    National Lifeguard – Upcoming April 2018

    National Lifeguard is Canada’s only nationally recognized lifeguard certification program. National Lifeguard is a legal certificate for lifeguards throughout the country, and the only lifeguard certificate recognized by the province of Ontario.

    Want to become a lifeguard