The cases relating to road accidents are very varied, so much so that particularly complex situations may arise whose management inevitably requires the assistance of a professional Truck accident injury lawyer.

Consider, for example, the hypothesis in which the accident was caused by an unidentified vehicle or vehicle without insurance coverage: well, in such circumstances, the intervention of the lawyer, (in addition to that of the Police), it will be essential to obtain the right compensation, upon presentation of a specific request to the “Guarantee Fund for road victims”.

Furthermore, the presence of a lawyer is essential when the dynamics of the accident are doubtful or disputed or when there are serious injuries or deaths, given that, following a complaint filed by one of the parties involved, a criminal proceeding would be opened requiring necessarily the patronage of a defender.

It is therefore easy to understand how important it is to rely, right away, on a competent lawyer in the road accident sector who will protect the interests of customers in a complete, rapid and safe manner.


It is also good to remember how the lawyer’s compensation for the extrajudicial (and possibly judicial) activity carried out is entirely borne by the person responsible for the accident and, therefore, by his insurer or, in the case of the so-called direct compensation , on the insurance company itself. of the injured party; therefore, whatever the recipient institution of the compensation request is, it will be called upon to fully compensate the damages suffered by the injured party and reimburse – separately – the skills of his lawyer.

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